SWBF2 Game Servers

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Map Rotation (CON - Randomized Order): Coruscant GCW, Coruscant CW, Death Star GCW, Mustafar GCW,
Mustafar CW, Tantive GCW, Tantive CW, Mos Eisley GCW, Mos Eisley CW, Jabba's Palace CW,
Kamino GCW, Kamino CW, Mygeeto GCW, Mygeeto CW, Naboo GCW, & Naboo CW.

Map Rotation (CTF - Randomized Order): Coruscant GCW, Mustafar GCW, Coruscant CW, Mustafar CW, Mos Eisley GCW,
Tantive GCW, Tantive CW, Death Star GCW, & Mos Eisley CW.

Map Rotation (CTF - Randomized Order): Jabba's Palace CW, Mustafar CW, Utapau GCW,
Death Star CW, Mos Eisley GCW, Coruscant GCW, & Tantive GCW.

Map Rotation: TBA

PC Game Servers - Admins:
- [FC]Phobos

PC Game Servers - Moderators:

- [FC]Elite
- [FC]Nino

PS2 Game Servers - Admins:

- [FC]Phobos

PS2 Game Servers - Moderators:

- [FC]Helios
- [FC]Nino

Report admin/mod abuse?
Message us here: Contact ZombieDeathMob @ Steam

PC & PS2 Server Rules - The 10 Commandments of Respect:
- No spamming chat
- No abusing vote boot
- No impersonating [FC] members
- No excessive/intentional teamkilling
- No crashing or DDoSing our servers
- No trolling or starting pointless drama
- No insulting radar or players who use it
- No line-break nicknames without admin approval
- No glitching in walls for the purpose of killing players
- No being disruptive to the players trying to enjoy the game